Taking spectrum used for broadcast TV and repurposing it for wireless services.

Roughly half of our nation’s broadcast TV stations will be changing their transmission frequencies to a clear part of the spectrum for wireless use. Essentially a channel change, location change, or both for 1,000 full-power and Class A television broadcasters and 2,000 low-power and translator television stations.

Utilizing a phased transition schedule that allows both tower companies and equipment manufacturers to prioritize stations in early phases and to strategically allocate resources.

What’s Next?

QCommunications has been tracking REPACK from its beginning, acting as an instrumental participant to guide broadcast professionals through the reimbursement and installations processes while remaining fully compliant with the FCC’s requirements.

To date, we have installed over 76 transmitters for GatesAir. We are GatesAir certified and are a part of the inaugural ULXTE/UAXTE qualification team.

QComm is please to offer a full spectrum of REPACK services:

  • Site audit and inventory
  • System transition plan, engineering and cost analysis
  • Project management
  • Invoice processing from submital to RFAs to reimbursement
  • New system installation, integration and testing
  • Field services studies such as coverage verification

QComm would like to offer our services to your station. The costs of our services are 100% reimbursable as part of the forced channel relocation. We provide creative solutions to stations with unique situations.

Partner with QCommunications

QCommunications offers significant advantages over other vendors in helping small, rural telecom participate in Repack. We are well-equipped and experienced to collect and prepare the documentation required for FCC reimbursement. Most recently while managing REPACK programs for our clients, we achieved a 98% reimbursement rate.

Our team is also staffed with experts in both the telecom and broadcast industries, and we provide a small-business approach that allows us to cater services to each individual client.

To learn more about what sets QCommunications apart, click here, or contact us directly to set up an initial consultation.

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Full power, translator or LPTV, QComm is your go-to resource for your station’s REPACK needs.

We can help make your repack a smooth transition and maximize your repack project reimbursements.