QComm has been tracking the repack all along and has been instrumental in participating in the final Repack rules.  To date, we have installed over 75 transmitters for GatesAir.  We are GatesAir certified and are part of the inaugural ULXTE/UAXTE qualification team. We are also an Anywave certified installer. 

QComm is pleased to offer a Full Spectrum of REPACK services:

  • FCC - pre-planning and paperwork and reimbursement processing
  • Repack project plans and cost analysis
  • Project Management - in-field and vendor
  • Engineering and Design
  • Installation, Proofs and Sweeps
  • Audit and Closeout documents and support

Youtube Video C-Bands - Q-Tips - Lump or Actual?

Watch Mark, John and Tony of Qcomm discuss C-Band Pontificate on the current

Full Power, Translator and LPTV!

Single Station or Group
A La Carte or Start to Finish

We can help make your repack smooth and make sure your project is processed in a manner to reach your project goals and maximize your repack project reimbursements.

Resources are limited, so reserve our install crews today!

**Reimbursable guarantee:  QComm will return or void any portion of a QComm invoice for services that the FCC has made a final determination that it is not reimbursable.  QComm must be given the opportunity to work with the client’s reimbursement team and the FCC on any RFAs to adequately convey the reimbursability of QComm services before the invoice is rejected to qualify for the refund.