Lump-Sum or Actual?

Watch Mark, John and Tony of Qcomm discuss C-Band and the current PN to help sort out the current knowledge base.

Youtube video: C-Band Q-Tips - Lump or Actual?



  • FCC - pre-planning and paperwork and reimbursement processing
  • Repack project plans and cost analysis
  • Project Management - in-field and vendor
  • Engineering and Design
  • Installation, Proofs and Sweeps
  • Audit and Closeout documents and support

Important Infomation from the FCC about C-Band!


  • Established Repack team of 13 with decades of repack experience working the largest and smallest broadcasters in the world.
  • Consistency in quality across all stations by using one vendor
  • Q-Crews available immeddiately and nationwide
  • #1 installer for repack

QComm has participated in all FCC Relocation projects since the first in 1996. We are currently serving over 70 Repack stations and has installed over 85 transmitters. No one has installed more.

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