QCommunications has been the Repack expert for over 2 decades, for many different sectors of the communication industry.  Because of our focus on assisting clients navigate the waters of Repack, we have acquired invaluable knowledge and experience that few people in the industry have obtained.  Our clients find that when they contract with us to manage their Repack efforts, they gain not only quality, but knowledge and experience not found anywhere else.

QForce Drone Division

QForce specializes in installation work on the current channel repack, has teamed up with Australian-based SixArms, which uses unmanned aerial vehicle technologies to provide efficient, accurate and cost-effective measurement solutions. The Airborne Division utilizes proven signal verification and coverage mapping technology to capture the characterizations of antenna systems.


LPTV & Translator

Because of QCommunications’ knowledge and experience, we are in a unique position to assist LPTV and Translator projects plan their projects, manage vendors, and obtain Repack reimbursement funds if eligible.  Our clients find that by hiring us to do this work for them, it frees up internal personnel to focus on station operations.  If a station is eligible for Repack, then the dollars spent with QCommunications are usually reimbursable with Repack dollars.

Quality behind the scenes

Although much of the broadcast industry’s focus is on the output from the station, QCommunications has found that it is vital that the stations have Quality Behind the Scenes to ensure the output is professional, timely, and consistent.  We are proud of the fact that everything we do – from decommissioning of old equipment, to installing new equipment, to managing a station’s vendors, to planning a project, to obtaining funds reimbursement – is done with excellence.  We provide the Quality Behind the Scenes, so that the station’s image and reputation remain positive.

Transmitters Installed

Your Go-To Resource

QCommunications is YOUR go-to resource for planning, engineering, designing, decommissioning, installing new equipment, verifying coverage, inspecting towers, managing FCC Repack invoice processing and reimbursements and more.